Study: Delta variant not causing severe COVID in kids

Comparing pre and post-Delta cases, "the percentage of children with severe indicators was found to not differ greatly."

A study reported by Medical Express indicates that the Delta variant of COVID-19 is not producing more severe cases in children:

“After examining 3,116 hospital records from the period before Delta, and comparing them to 164 records during the Delta period, the percentage of children with severe indicators was found to not differ greatly.

Specifically, the percent of hospitalized patients admitted to intensive care was 26.5 pre-Delta and 23.2 post; the percent placed on ventilators was 6.1 pre-Delta and 9.8 post; and the percent who died was 0.7 pre-Delta and 1.8 post.

These differences did not rise to the level of statistical significance.

The finding comes with the important caveat that because the number of hospitalizations in the post-Delta period is small, more data will need to accrue for scientists to gain greater confidence about the conclusion.”

Additionally, Medical Express reported that “Children shielded by community vaccinations.”

Here is the citation provided with the Medical Express report: Study suggests Delta does not cause more severe childhood COVID (2021, September 3) retrieved 6 September 2021 from

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