Doctor's speech to Mt. Vernon school board goes viral

Dr. Dan Stark called out top health official information as "counterfactual."

Video of a medical doctor’s remarks to the Mt. Vernon, Indiana school board on COVID-19 has gone viral, with the video having over 3.3 million views since being posted to YouTube on Aug. 7.

Dr. Dan Stock, a family medicine physician, criticized health officials both locally and nationally on mask usage, vaccines, and making an important point about the history of respiratory viruses.

“The natural history of all respiratory viruses is that they circulate all year long waiting for the immune system to get sick through the winter or become deranged, as has happened recently with these vaccines,” Stock said. “And then they cause symptomatic disease because they cannot be filtered out and they have animal reservoirs.”

“And this is a very important point. No one can make this virus go away,” said Stock. “The CDC has managed to convince everybody that we can handle this like we did smallpox, where we could make a virus go away.

Stock continued, “Smallpox had no animal reservoirs. The only thing it learned to infect was humans. That's why we're able to make that virus go away.”

“That will not happen with this any more than it will with influenza, the common cold, respiratory syncytial virus, adenoviral respiratory syndromes, or anything else that has animal reservoirs,” said Stock. “So, the reason you can't do this is because you're trying to do something which has already been tried and can't be done.”

Stock then said that “Equally important is that vaccination changes none of this, especially with this vaccine.”

“And I would hope this board would start asking itself before it considers taking the advice of the CDC, the NIH and the state board of health, why we are doing things about this that we didn't do for the common cold, influenza, or respiratory syncytial virus?” asked Stock. “And then ask yourself, why is a vaccine that is supposedly so effective having a breakout in the middle of the summer when respiratory viral syndromes don't do that?”

Watch the full remarks below. The full transcript will be posted at the end of this article.

Within a day of this article being published, YouTube removed the video for violating “community guidelines.”

The video can still be seen on other platforms, such as Rumble.

During his presentation, Stock refers to a flash drive with studies and data he has given to the school board members. These are the materials on the drive: